My favourite quarantine purchases

What none of you shopped during quarantine? I moved to the peninsula of the Bay Area 2 days before Bay Area announced shelter in place. In the wake of all the changes that shelter in place brought here are my top purchases since I moved:

  1. A trolley cart – You need a car to get around the By Area, to get groceries, to get fresh air, see the world that can be seen without getting on an air plane. I don’t even have a driver’s license. My nearest grocery store is a 10 minute walk away. However, it is strenuous making that walk laden with 2 liter bottles amongst other grocery supplies. I went for one that can carry up to 50 pounds. It’s made grocery trips much easier! This is also useful in getting groceries from your car to your apartment if you don’t have an elevator.

  2. My exercise set up – Surprise, surprise we are all working (out) from home.

    • Manduka PRO yoga mat – A great base for doing yoga, pilates or strength training. This one is thick and has great grip! It is expensive though. 🙈
    • Resistance bands – I got the ones from Barry’s, you can find some on Amazon as well. I started quarantine doing Barry’s IGTV workouts which make use of this kit.
    • Foam roller – for when your muscles are sore from all the working out! Get one with a raised grid, it works much better than one with a smooth surface.
  3. Double duty kitchen utensils – Baking is my catharsis, which is why I am doing more of it while in lockdown. However, I have also been cooking to feed myself (no more Google cafes to sustain myself). These are the cooking utensils that have made baking a joy!
    • Fish turner – I don’t use this to turn fish! Instead I use it to remove cookies from the baking sheet, flip rotis, pancakes and a myriad of other tasks. It has a thin edge which makes it a great tool to lift things.
    • Oven thermometer – Having baked in 4 ovens in 5 years, I have learnt to not trust the oven when it tells you its 400 F. Use an oven thermometer! This one is cheap!
    • Bench scraper – Great for distributing dough and shaping it easily, but also helps you scrape your mise en place from your cutting board into a pan.
    • Food storage I am the kind of person who enjoys meal prepping on the weekend and then reheating my portioned out meal for lunch everyday. This means I needed containers that could hold said daily portions. My food storage cabinet is now a sea of these containers!


  • All the links in this post are Affiliate links, which means if you use these links to buy a product, I make commission from said purchase. You aren’t charged any extra.
  • My desk setup was funded by Google, so it doesn’t qualify for this post. However, I will write another post with my setup details.

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