My quarantine travel packing list

Note: I have updated this blog after being vaccinated.

7 months is the longest I haven’t been to an airport or gotten on an airplane. I am a millennial, of course I miss it.

I am researching how to actually travel for my birthday in January. Hawaii would be lovely!

That means I need to be prepared for a 6 hour flight and around 4 hours at airports at each end.

I am using this guide by WebMD as my reference for how COVID-19 can be transmitted.


  • Wear a full sleeved sweatshirt and track suit bottoms with pockets.
  • Wear an N95 mask for the entire trip.
  • Wear socks regardless of the type of shoes I am wearing. I have TSA PreCheck so I shouldn’t need to take my shoes off luckily. This also makes sure that no skin is left exposed.
  • Tie my hair back so I don’t have to fiddle with my hair or unnecessarily touch my face during the trip.

Things to carry

  • Antibacterial wipes to clean any surface I touch, specially my seat.
  • Hand sanitizer to use throughout the day.
  • Bags for the following:
    • Recycle PPE,
    • Garbage from the day.
    • All of my possessions that I touch, including phone, Kindle, earphones, etc. This is to reduce the chance of cross contamination.
  • Extra masks.

Snacks and drinks galore

  • Reusable water bottles filled with water. I also need to regulate my water intake to limit the need to use a bathroom at the airport or on the plane.
  • Eat a meal before leaving for the airport.
  • Carry a mix of salty and sweet snacks.


  • Wash the clothes and reusable mask once I reach my accommodations.
  • If I were making a longer flight I would carry a cold meal that didn’t need to be reheated. E.g. a sandwich.

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