A very desi thanksgiving

Remember how I threw a desi 4th of July BBQ? Well it only made sense to follow that up with a desi thanksgiving dinner. The first one that I hosted at my home.

The menu


A trio of chips and dips

  • Chips: Tortilla chips, pita chips and crackers
  • Dips: Salsa, baba ganoush and hummus

Main course:

  • Chicken tikka
  • Tandoori paneer

Both were served with naan, raita and pineapple salsa

Roasted Indian-ish potatoes spiced with garam masala
Salad of romaine lettuce, baby spinach and arugula leaves.

Apple pie with vanilla and pistachio ice cream.


  • Welcome drinks:
    • Alcoholic: Pimm’s No. 1,
    • Non-alcoholic: Ginger beer,
  • Main drinks:
    • Alcoholic: Beer,
    • Non-alcoholic: Coca cola, Pakola
  • Dessert drinks:
    • Alcoholic: Hot toddy,
    • Non-alcoholic: Tea or hot chocolate.

The few pictures that I took

I went overboard and printed both a food and drinks menu.

Pictures of the set up before guests arrived.

Yes, I converted my desk into a drinks bar.


The best part of the dinner in my opinion – dessert.


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