Books I read in December, 2020

The books and my thoughts

Another month, another book review! Sorry that this one is late! 🙁 I was on holiday!

This is my last book review of 2020, I will also try to write a round up of all the books I read this year in case anyone is curious! I only read 2 books this month because of the aforementioned holiday and the fact that one of the books is GINORMOUS!

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama talks about his career from being a state senator all the way to (nearly) finishing his first term as President. I don’t have much to say other than the fact that I didn’t appreciate his nonchalance (much like that of any President before him) at the value of a brown life. He talks about the drone strikes and the lives his presidency cost as if they were nothing.

It was a fine historical account of a Presidency from a man who lived it. Those looking for answers to his actions will not find it here.

Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Gluck

Ahhh a much better book to read! Woohoo! While I did fall short of my goal of reading 7 poetry compilations this year, I am glad I was able to read the work of Louise Gluck before the year ended. She really has a way of transporting you in to the shoes of different personalities! To be honest, though, this is one of those collections that I will have to return to multiple times, to make sure I take the time to understand it completely. A challenge I look forward to!

My 2021 reading goals?

  • Continue to read more poetry!
  • Read more about the space of health, be it nutrition, mental health, physical health, etc.
  • Try to get into audio books. I don’t think I will but it’s worth a shot. I strongly believe that listening to audio books is useless as you don’t capture or understand the content fully.
  • Continue reading books by diverse authors.
  • See my wider reading goals here.

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