Nano Bookcast: the infrastructure

I started a podcast, just in case you missed the news!

It’s called “The Nano Bookcast” and you can find the public page on Anchor:

Since I started my podcast, the most frequent questions I have been asked are around the infrastructure I have to record said podcast. It’s not that difficult, so here it goes!


  • I use the Blue Yeti mic with a pop filter connected to it to record.
  • I use a Macbook Pro as my laptop of choice.

Recording, Hosting, Editing

  • I use to do the following:
    • Host my RSS feed and audio recordings
    • Edit my podcast
    • Provide me with additional transition music
    • BONUS: It also helped me create a logo for my podcast!


Anchor automatically deals with uploading my podcast to a few platforms including Spotify. However, I had to manually add my podcast to Google Podcast Manager where it took a few days for the first episode to appear!

You can also manually claim your podcast on Spotify allowing you to get Spotify specific analytics.

I will keep updating this article as my setup gets more complicated, for example when I have guests but this simple setup suffices for now!

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