Nano Bookcast: Why did you start a podcast?

Yes, for the hundredth time, I started a podcast, just in case you missed the news!

It’s called “The Nano Bookcast” and you can find the public page on Anchor:

In an earlier blogpost I talked about the infrastructure behind my podcast, the equipment, software, etc. I said it was my most asked question. But let’s be honest that’s not true, my most asked question is: “Why did you start a podcast?”

Well here goes nothing:

The cheeky answer?
Because I love talking people’s ear off about the books I am reading. But usually they would interrupt me to offer their opinion. This way no one can interrupt me!

The real answer?
I saw a gap for the kind of podcasts I liked. Short podcasts I could listen to while doing my skin care routine (less than 15 minutes in length). I also wanted to try my hand at creating content. So the only question that remained, what topic did I want to cover?
What topic could I go on ad nauseam about? Books! I mean I can drone on about my neighbours as well, but that might not be as interesting.

The followup question that follows from this is, what kind of podcast do you want this to be? I wrote down 5 rules I wanted to follow with the podcast:

  1. The goal is to get people to be inspired to read, and hopefully give them a new book to add to their reading list.
  2. Do not book shame a book or genre. The goal is to encourage people to read, not discourage them due to what they choose to read.
  3. Make sure to feature a diverse selection of books.
  4. Each episode can not exceed 15 minutes in length. I want people to be able to listen to this podcast while they are doing a small errand around their home.
  5. [NEW] Book purchase links should direct listeners to independent book sellers.

And that’s it – that’s the answer to why I started a podcast.


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