My new blog infrastructure

I recently wrote about my blog’s old infrastructure and mentioned that I was about to change this. This blog is about my blog’s new/current(?) infrastructure.

Reasons I switched my blog infrastructure:

  • It was getting hard to add posts on a weekly basis as the process involved committing a markdown file to GitHub each time and waiting for a build. That in itself wasn’t annoying! What was annoying was the lack of spell check. Since I was committing files directly using the GitHub web UI I didn’t have spell check available to me! I apologize for any past spelling mistakes 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  • My team has switched its focus to prioritize the AMP integration in CMSes over frameworks. I wanted to make sure I was dogfooding this experience as well so that I could have more valuable feedback.

The infrastructure:

  • I am using for my blog. Should I have used the Open Source version? Yes.
  • I have the Twenty Twenty-One theme installed.
  • Plugins installed:
  • My domain is hosted on Google Domains!

Stay tuned for a rant about the process of converting a blog from Next.JS to WordPress! 😛

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