Books I read in July, 2021

The books and my thoughts

Am I on vacation and catching up with blogging? Yes. 😛

How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell

Am I like most other millennial reaching burn out? You bet. I thought I would get this book to try to understand how I could recover my decision making power about how I spend my down time. 

The book didn’t serve the need I wanted it to serve however it was nonetheless an interesting read as the author is a Bay Area resident and it was interesting to read about local sites that she enjoys visiting when she does “nothing”.

Couples that work by Jennifer Petriglieri

Don’t ask me why I wanted to read this book. 😛 It was interesting to read about a framework by which to solve marital issues caused by the fact that I assume I will be part of a dual career couple. 

White Tiger by Aravind Adits

Netflix keeps recommending that I watch the movie based on this book so I am gave in and read the book so that I could watch the movie on my many upcoming flights. The book was ok – nothing to write home about. 

It’s a rags to riches story with a twist. How did the lowly driver get rich? Read the book!

My 2021 reading goals?

  • Continue to read more poetry!
  • Read more about the space of health, be it nutrition, mental health, physical health, etc.
  • Try to get into audio books. I don’t think I will but it’s worth a shot. I strongly believe that listening to audio books is useless as you don’t capture or understand the content fully.
  • Continue reading books by diverse authors.
  • See my wider reading goals here.


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