What I am looking for in my next apartment

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This list has been updated after I have moved into my current place.

I am nothing if not an eager planner. With my lease ending in a mere 4 months I am already thinking about my future residence. This blog is a list of things I am looking for in my future apartment. Since I am going to be hunting around the 1 year mark of the COVID crisis, this pandemic will influence a lot of my requirements.

Note: This list will evolve as I think of more requirements.


  • A dedicated office and workout space.
  • More outdoor space so that I don’t feel “stuck at home”
  • Items that are used in a certain space should be stored in that space, for example kitchen appliances should be stored in the kitchen.


Apartment building

  • Should have a gym, with optional free classes,
  • Should have a car parking spot and a bike cage,
  • Keyless entry
  • [COVID requirement] Should have common and private work spaces,
  • Should have a pool with BBQ facilities,
  • AT&T Fiber


  • Should have a lot of natural light
  • No carpeting in any of the rooms,
  • An outdoor space such as a balcony or a patio,
  • Either 1 bedroom and 1 den or 2 bedrooms,
  • Keyless entry,
  • Central cooling and heating,
  • NEST thermostat,
  • Large floor to ceiling windows,
  • Rolling blinds and not curtains or slat blinds.


  • Master bedroom should be at least 12 feet x 10 feet,
  • Attached bathroom
  • A walk in wardrobe with built in drawers that is attached to the bathroom.


  • 1 bathroom should have a bath tub.
  • Bathrooms should have large counter space. 


  • Modern appliances,
  • A pantry,
  • A deep refrigerator,
  • A gas stove.


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