Moving into a storage unit

In case you didn’t know I spent 3 glorious months in Washington D.C at a friend’s but that meant that my stuff had to find a new more compact home in the interim a.k.a a storage unit. So here are all the considerations that went into finding a storage unit.

Things to ask yourself when considering a storage unit:

  • Will you be accessing this storage unit often?
    • What are the access hours for the storage unit?
  • Are your possessions insured in the storage unit?
    • Will you be receiving packages at this storage unit?
    • Are you comfortable sharing the lock and key with the storage unit administrator?

When moving things into a storage unit:

  • Buy your own moving blankets to wrap furniture in so that the furniture stays wrapped while in storage.
  • Keep the furnitures towards the back of the storage unit as you will need to access them less often.
  • Keep the box with the equipment you need to move in towards the front for easy access.

Happy storing!


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