The journey from Android to iPhone

Cat’s out of the bag. I got an iPhone. Well I sold a kidney and then bought an iPhone! This blog is going to be my living journal on how I feel about the iPhone.


But first let’s talk about what expectations I had going in:

  • A phenomenal camera
  • A fast phone
  • That I wouldn’t be able to leverage the ecosystem benefits that folks keep touting as the number one reason to get an iPhone. The only Apple product I now own is the iPhone. I am convinced that folks who talk about this benefit are just suffering Stockholm Syndrome from having spent so much money inthe ecosystem 😛
  • Being able to test out a lot of new cool products like Clubhouse.

First week impressions

It has now officially been one week since I have owned an iPhone so here are some initial thoughts.

  • The fact that I could get a cute non boring iPhone case from the Apple website is definitely a win. I guess this is the ecosystem benefit that folks keep talking about. There isn’t a large variety of 3P accessories on the Google Store.
  • Setup was PAINFUL! While my account and contacts easily ported ovver to the new phone thanks to the move to iOS app, I had to manually install all apps that I needed.
  • Learning how to use the iPhone isn’t as intuitive as folks claim it is. I am a relatively technically savvy person and my most common search query is still How do I do X on the iPhone?
  • The camera is beautiful! I switched from a Pixel 4XL to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the difference (specially in night mode) is incredibly stark.
  • I am thoroughly enjoying using Clubhouse which was the app that pushed me over the edge into getting an iPhone.
  • Since I am already a Google One customer, I don’t see myself switching to iCloud anytime soon.

A few months in!

Let’s start by answering some questions I had noted down in advance:

  • Am I using a lot of new apps that warrant the purchase of the iPhone? -> No. I stopped using Clubhouse too! 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Am I tempted to buy any other Apple gadget or accessory? -> Other than the Apple AirPods Pro, no. Those too, I am tempted to buy for the aesthetic over the convenience. 
  • Am I still searching to try answer How do I do X on the iPhone? -> yes, yes I am. I still don’t know how to turn the phone on and off. 

Some other annoying thoughts: 

  • I can’t backup my WhatsApp chat history to anything other than iCloud. 
  • The spam calls!
  • My inability to screen a known number’s call to ask them if it’s urgent without rejecting the call!
  • The fact that WhatsApp video calls are notifications that I can’t disable if the phone is locked. My options are either accept or ignore!

Some pros:

  • I can delete some of the Apple apps so that they stop being the preferred default app. Bye Apple Maps!
  • The camera still blows me away! Though I could have just gotten the Samsung phone! 


I don’t think anything will change my opinion here over time, so I think it’s safe to say. The next time I buy a new phone it will be an Android phone with a great camera! Sorry iPhone bros!

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