Starting my creator journey

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I love social media. I fully understand it’s flaws but I also see it’s potential at democratizing access to education and information. My Instagram account has always been about sharing my life, but I wanted to see if I could go beyond that and become a creator. So let’s dive into this topic!

Why I want to become a creator?

  • To be able to understand the creator lifecycle,
  • To be able to understand the tools in the creator economy,
  • To be able to influence the creator economy by knowing both sides of the business – demand and supply,
  • Learn skills that can be used in my personal life as well – marketing, influence, negotiation.
  • To be able to see someone like me succeed in this space – brown, short, not skinny.
  • To be able to build a side income.

What does success mean to me as a creator?

Short term (2021)

  • Have 10,000 followers on TikTok by end of 2021.
  • Be a part of the TikTok creator fund
  • Income – Be able to afford the equipment I need to take my creator content to the next level.
    • Camera
    • Mic
    • Phone, phone tripod
    • Lights
    • Personal macbook
    • Macbook accessories
    • LinkTree and other subscriptions

Longer term (2022 and beyond)

  • Get sponsorships
  • Have a course based on my TikTok content
  • Have a paid subscription newsletter with content

What kind of content will I be creating?

I will be creating the following types of content:

  • Food – this is both food I ate outside and food I cooked at home
  • Travel – this is travel both inside and outside the Bay Area.
  • Reading recommendations – this will be in an attempt to take people to the Nano Bookcast.
  • Product Management – probably the most niche category here, but I will be creating content around PM as well.
  • House stuff and Organization – this is the kind of the content I enjoy watching so why not create this kind of content as well?

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