2 weeks on TikTok

I posted a few days ago that I was going to start my journey as a creator. I posted my first (and second) video on August 30th. This blog captures my lessons two weeks in!

Before we dive into my lessons here is a look at my stats:

I have posted 9 videos in total and the most views I have gotten are 672 (my first video), the least amount of views I have gotten are 0 (a video I posted half an hour ago).

My lessons so far:

  • Use a lot of keywords to get yourself on the correct For You Pages. Also make sure to use wider catchall keywords to make sure you aren’t targeting too small a niche.
  • Post often and at the time when your users are likely to be watching. I took a break in between and none of my videos since then have gotten a lot of views. I am a bit concerned that I have fallen off the TikTok algorithm. Hope not! I am curious to see if my views and likes increase if I post content often enough?
  • I am covering a large variety of topics, I might have to focus on a few topics only.
  • My travel videos aren’t of great quality. They are made up of pictures and videos I am scrambling together after the fact. I should shoot travel content keeping in mind that I will be creating TikToks from them!

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