My baking goals

My friends know that I love baking. Creating baked goods is a form of therapy and sharing them is an act of love. However, my friends would also tell you that I am not a perfect baker. Have I accidentally undercooked baked goods? Yes. Have I had to completely scrap and throw away entire projects for being inedible? Yes. Do I suck at pastry making? HELL YES.

Anyone can make cakes and cookies at home, however it is the art of french pastry making that I want to perfect! So here are types of baking I want to perfect:

  • Pies – savoury and sweet
  • Puff pastry – turnovers, galettes, etc
  • Laminated dough – croissants, danishes, kouign-amann
  • Layered cakes
  • Macaroons
  • Choux pastry – croquembouches, eclairs
  • Bread making – sour dough bread, brioche, pan de mie, etc.

I have tried making puff pastry on two occasions and failed each time. I have tried macaroons and croissants once and have failed each time.

While I have tried baking these at home, I have had limited success. So how do I go about achieving success here? Let’s walk through my plan based on limited research:

  • I take classes in baking and pastry. I am inclined to take a full Associate Degree course here, however that would require a full year’s commitment and that sounds scary!
  • What are the chances I can convince a bakery to take me on as a line cook (or a cleaner) on weekends so that I could learn the job?

I understand that both approaches wouldn’t teach me how to bake in a non professional set up but I do believe I can adapt backwards once I have someone guide me!

Very quick ramble about where I am at on my baking journey. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Will update this post once I am able to figure out my next steps!


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