Season 1: Episode 9 – Finding inspiration in poetry

I started a podcast, just in case you missed the news! Yes, I will keep harping on this point!

It’s called “The Nano Bookcast” and you can find the public page on Anchor:

You can now catch episode 9!

Poems mentioned

  • Rising Five by Norman Nicholson
  • Feather by Margaret Atwood

Why I read by Naina Raisinghani
While my thoughts may be jumbled, 
My love for prose and poetry is clear, 
I appreciate my ancestors who committed their thoughts to pen and paper, 
So that their descendants may find escape from a world of fear.

Books mentioned

Please find below the links to independent booksellers that carry the books mentioned in the podcast, I would encourage that you buy these books from independent booksellers when possible!

Please note that some links below go to aggregators that allow you to shop from multiple independent booksellers at a time. These are denoted with an *

Independent book sellers around the globe

  • United States of America
    • Strand Bookstore – New York, New York
    • Borderlands Books – San Francisco, California
    • Omnivore Books on Food – San Francisco, California
  • United Kingdom
    • London Review Bookshop – London, United Kingdon
    • Persephone Books – London, United Kingdon
  • Germany
    • Shakespeare and Sons – Berlin, Germany

Previous episode show notes

Below are my previous episode show notes:


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