6 weeks on TikTok


Before I recap the lessons I have learnt so far, let’s take a look at my stats so far!

August 30

  • Followers: 8
  • Likes: 7
  • Number of videos: 2

September 11

  • Followers: 13
  • Likes: 93
  • Number of videos: 9

October 8

  • Followers: 24
  • Likes: 227
  • Number of videos: 28

Lessons learnt

  • I haven’t seen much gain from falsely adding trending keywords that have nothing to do with the content on the page.
  • Tagging popular brands gets traction for the same reason popular keywords do.
  • Post often and at the time when your users are likely to be watching.
  • I am covering a large variety of topics, I might have to focus on a few topics only. My reading related videos get the most traction. The next most popular content are my PM videos. My food and travel content is the least popular. Potentially an overcrowded space?
  • My vlogs and travel videos are getting better as I record 1-2 second videos and am able to stitch them together.
  • Following trends doesn’t do much to increase my popularity, however original content does.

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