2 months on TikTok


Before I recap the lessons I have learnt so far, let’s take a look at my stats so far!

August 30

  • Followers: 8
  • Likes: 7
  • Number of videos: 2

September 11

  • Followers: 13
  • Likes: 93
  • Number of videos: 9

October 8

  • Followers: 24
  • Likes: 227
  • Number of videos: 28

October 22

  • Followers: 43
  • Likes: 284
  • Number of videos: 36


  • Most of my audience growth has been based on my latest video which is talks about what makes a great Product Manager.
  • The same video was also my most popular video to date with over 1100 views.

Lessons learnt

  • I don’t have an understanding of the demographic breakdown of my audience since I don’t have a 100 followers.
  • Content with my own voice does better than using music, even if it is popular. As a result my travel and food montages don’t do well.
  • Worth noting that my ASMR food content also didn’t do well, but that was earlier in my journey.
  • My PM and tech content does the best! I don’t know if that is because of the popularity of the content or because this content has original voiceover.

Things to try

  • Try a voiceover even during my food and travel montages.
  • Increase the ratio of PM/career content to travel/food content.

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