New Project –

I currently have way too many side projects; this blog, my TikTok account and my podcast. So of course I wanted to add another one. Who wouldn’t 😛 So I just went to and bought a new domain. It’s called No prizes for what my NEW side project will be!

My goals

Create a freemium resource site for folks in/interested in the PM ladder that fall into the following categories:

  • P0: Folks looking to get onto the Product Management ladder, 
  • P1: Early stage Product Managers, (Note: The launch of the website will not cater to this group at the start).

Over the past 3 years as a Product Manager, I have gathered a large number of resources that guided me on the path to becoming a Product Manager and since then. The resources are unorganized I admit, however, it is worth getting those resources available for others.

However, four side projects is also my saturation level for side projects. This means that while I am ok with having side projects that don’t monetize, I do need some that do. This project will have to be a side project that makes money. This means the site will have a freemium model, with some initial resources being free and others requiring payment.

I am merely sketching out the project right now and don’t think I will be ready to launch the site for a while. This means that this blog is just me holding myself accountable. So if you are reading this, reach out to me in 3 months and see if I have made any progress 😛 THANKS! But here is to a new project 🤞🏽🥂🤞🏽🥂🤞🏽🥂🤞🏽🥂

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