An ode to fan fiction

There is one constant in life: the book/show/movie you enjoy will come to an end. Scratch that. If you are Naina there are two constants in life. The book/show/movie you enjoy will come to an end and you will have questions about the characters lives after the book/show/movie has ended. I can make up stories in my head about two characters living a happy life together or the villain finally being served the justice they deserve. However, there is nothing like seeing these stories in writing to get my creative juices going.

In comes fan fiction. I am a fan fiction addict. I have googled “Gilmore Girls Rory and Logan fan fiction”, “Harry Potter Ron and Hermione fan fiction”, “One Tree Hill Nathan and Haley fan fiction” too many times to count. Why? Let me count the ways that fan fiction makes me happy!

I love the sense of community of knowing that there are others out there who have the same questions as me. Who fathered Rory Gilmore’s child? Someone tell me.

There are people out there who are much more observant than I am who can pick up on clues left behind by the creators of the book/show/movie. This means their fan fiction is more authentic than anything I could ever create on my own. Seeing their observations brings me as much delight as consuming the original content.

Like I mentioned the worst part of consuming content is knowing it will end. Fan fiction means the journey doesn’t have to end.

The best part about fan fiction? It’s choose your own journey! If you don’t like the fact that Jess got Rory pregnant you can just shut that tab and find some fan fiction where Rory and Logan get pregnant together. (Aside: now you know what I am hoping for :P)

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