Books I read in November 2021

November 2021 shall henceforth be known as the month I resumed my travel lifestyle in earnest. I spent less days at home than I did traveling (I think). So here are the books I read while on the road!

Infinite Country by Patricia Engel

The novel follows a mixed-status family as they struggle to survive and reunite after a father’s deportation from the United States. The teenage Talia, American-born but raised in Colombia, escapes a reform school in the Andes and races to make her plane to rejoin her mom and siblings in New York. Twenty years of page-turning family history are told as she rushes across the Colombian countryside to make the fated plane ride. The author not only regales the reader with the history of Talia’s family but also the mythology and history of Colombia which means readers leave learning about history while they are wrapped up in the worry of whether or not Talia will get the opportunity to live the “American Dream.”

Beach Read by Emily Henry

I started reading this book at 8 pm one day and stayed up till 4 am to finish it! The book started off slow and I just wanted to get to the juicy bits. However, once I was hooked once the romance developed between the protagonists. This book has every trope I could possibly want in a romance novel. Enemies turned lovers. Exes getting in the way. Forgotten high school escapades. Set on a beach(lake in this case) property! Just like Emily Henry’s other book that I read in October, it is fair to say that I was besotted.

Anyway the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

The latest in the Simon Snow chronicles. Do Baz and Simon have sex? Does Penelope find herself a new boo? What happens with Agatha? These are all questions I had going into the latest book in the Carry On series. Rainbow Rowell knows how to create a wonderous inclusive world that genuinely makes me happy and makes me forget about my banal Normal existence. This is my 1000th plea that everyone should read the Carry On series. Do it. It’s for your own good.

My 2021 reading goals?

  • Continue to read more poetry!
  • Read more about the space of health, be it nutrition, mental health, physical health, etc.
  • Try to get into audio books. I don’t think I will but it’s worth a shot. I strongly believe that listening to audio books is useless as you don’t capture or understand the content fully.
  • Continue reading books by diverse authors.
  • See my wider reading goals here.

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