Buying a Tesla

It’s been 4 months since I hit the Buy button on my car and 7 days since I have been in possession of it. So here is my quick review on the process of buying a Tesla as well as my first impressions.

Buying process

I test drove the Tesla in February 2021 and had decided that I wanted to get the Model Y for the height, range and space. However, due to unrelated circumstances I didn’t order one till July 26 and then started the long wait! 😛 Here is the buying process described as I experienced it:

  • Test drive a car
  • Order the car onsite (via or on the website at home. Pay the $100 holding deposit upfront.
    • Here you must pick how you want to pay: Cash, lease or loan. I went with an external loan so I paid cash.
    • Note that the price listed includes things like registration and delivery.
  • Wait AGES for the car to be ready. I ordered in the midst of a supply chain shortage so I waited 4 months for the car!
  • Install the Tesla app so that you get a notification once the car is ready to be delivered.
  • Once the car is ready to be delivered you will get a notification in your app and via email that the car is ready to be delivered and then you can start the last mile tasks.
  • Arrange for a delivery date by calling the provided number.
  • Provide your car insurance details. Here you get the option to buy Tesla’s own insurance as well.
  • Sign a lot of documents pertaining to car registration, delivery liability, etc.
  • Receive the delivery of the car (you can either go for the contactless option or have someone walk you through the car controls and specifics).
  • DRIVE!

First impressions

I have had my car for 7 days and 317 miles! Here are my impressions so far:

  • EVERYTHING in this car from regenerative breaking to software controls takes getting used to!
  • Charging at a super charger feels incredibly culty! It’s a line of Teslas and their owners all doing the same thing 😛 It felt weird to me!
  • The Model Y is a lot bigger than I was expecting so parking it as a new driver has definitely been challenging.
  • The voice controls are pretty spot on even when I mumble instructions.
  • The phone call quality is not clear at all!
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