What I thought turning 30 would look like

It’s happening. In less than one month I will turn 30. No longer will I write my age by starting with a 2. Those days are behind me. As a result I have been reflecting on where I thought I would be when I turned 30. As the years have passed my impression of what turning 30 would be changed but there are a a few ideas that stay consistent:

  • I would be married with one child at least.
  • I would have travelled the world.
  • I would have worked at a large tech company.
  • I would be a car and home owner.
  • I would be managing people at work.
  • I would have a routine life.
  • I would be thin.
  • I would have a large circle of friends and not be an awkward introvert anymore.
  • I would be mentally strong with no insecurities.
  • I would be proud of my body.

I have achieved some of the above things. I work at Google and am a recent car owner and have travelled the world both for work and pleasure. While I haven’t achieved everything on the list above, I have achieved some other things instead:

  • I may not have a large circle of friends but I have a circle that would do anything to make me happy.
  • I have learnt to be proud of my introverted nature and have started talking about mental health more often to make it less of a taboo.

I am going to write a blog about where I want to be as a forty year old, so stay tuned for that and then check in ten years later to see if any of those wishes and goals came true.

Even if I don’t meet my goals I know that something that I will take in to my thirties is my pride in myself.

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