29 things I am leaving behind in my 29th year

It is about to be a decade of starting my age with a `2`. As I leave that part of my life behind, here are 29 other things that I am leaving behind in my 29th year.


  1. Getting less than 8 hours of sleep a night.
  2. Eating junk food because I am stressed or bored.
  3. Being ashamed of the way I look.
  4. Rejecting foods because I hated them as as child.
  5. My fixed mindset when it comes to eating habits.
  6. My fixed mindset when it comes to my workout habits.


  1. Buying things I will use once.
  2. Keeping things I don’t use.
  3. Amazon Prime.
  4. Ordering things online. Buying things in person forces me to think about my purchase more.
  5. Manually putting money in my savings account. Should be automatic instead.


  1. Poor work life balance.
  2. Letting my introvert self stop be from creating a professional network.
  3. Lack of a mentor at work.
  4. Being poorly informed about tech innovation and news.


  1. Letting others push me into doubting my own worth.
  2. Not telling others how much I appreciate them.
  3. Not speaking to my friends regularly.
  4. Letting my introvert self stop be from increasing my friend circle.
  5. Not talking to strangers when I travel alone.
  6. Not appreciating my parents for the sacrifices they have made to get me to where I am.
  7. Indulging in any gossip.
  8. Downplaying my achievements.
  9. Being confrontation averse in my friend group.


  1. Buying single use plastics.
  2. Not reading the news.
  3. Being ill informed about local and national politics.
  4. Not doing philanthropic work in the US.
  5. Not doing philanthropic work for Pakistan.

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