30 lessons I want to take into my 30th year old

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The most important day of the year is a day or so away! My birthday! I am turning 30 soon so here are 30 things I want to be mindful of going into this new year!

  1. It’s important to know when to let go of your plans.
  2. It’s ok to do nothing all day.
  3. It’s ok to do everything all in one day.
  4. Find ways to celebrate even if those moments don’t look like they did before.
  5. All it takes is practice.
  6. Having said that, I will never master french patisserie. This might change. I hope?
  7. If I don’t practice my routine everyday, I will have my routine thrown off.
  8. My fixed mindset has hindered me from achieving a lot of goals.
  9. The biggest hindrance however is definitely setting unreasonable expectations on myself.
  10. A growth mindset is important to meet goals.
  11. I can control my reaction to events, even if I can’t control the events.
  12. I need to embrace being a home body.
  13. My love language (both giving and receiving) is physical touch.
  14. I love the ritual of dining out.
  15. I love the ritual of cooking my friends a lovely meal.
  16. I like eggplant, cauliflowers, broccoli? Sorry mom!
  17. Yes, I under salt things. It’s a problem!
  18. There is no such thing as one size fits all in life. I need to stop preaching my approach to others as absolute.
  19. Having people virtually in your home for 8 hours a day can be tiring. I need to take time for myself at the end of a work day.
  20. It’s ok to miss people you haven’t had contact with in years.
  21. Asking people questions and really listening to the answers is the only way to learn about someone.
  22. It’s ok that others got married, had kids, bought homes this year and I didn’t. This is hard to practice in real life.
  23. Being a single 30 year old brown woman will be exponentially harder than a single 29 year old brown woman.
  24. Healthy habits are HARD to create!
  25. I feel much stronger mentally on the days that I work out.
  26. Don’t let another person dictate the habits I need to implement in my life.
  27. Don’t let another person’s treatment of you dictate your self worth.
  28. It’s ok to love and hate someone at the same time.
  29. My savings methodology isn’t stopping me from shopping. I need to set aside a shopping budget and shop from that budget only.
  30. It’s never too late to make a change!

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