Books I read in March 2022

I have been INCREDIBLY delinquent in my reading in the month of March. I have only finished books that I started a while ago and had been slowly making my way through. So here goes nothing!

The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright

I have nothing to say other than I regret getting this book. It was my first book of 2022 and I don’t know why I didnt just give up on this book. I have no idea what made me want to read out by a dead terrorist at the start of the new year but at least now I know that terrorist biographies are not my thing.

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

I received this book before release via Net Galley and I devoured this book instantaneously. Having just returned from New Jersey it filled me with great delight to see the New Jersey references in this book! It’s also my way of continuing to indulge in romance books but with more representation! It’s a story of two stubborn brown people falling in love. It’s the fake marriage but then they fall in love trope! What more could you want? A desi twist? It has that too! Nosy aunties and lehngas plenty! I also think I cosplay as Kareena Mann for Halloween. Hmmm maybe a TikTok idea! 🤔

Candy House by Jennifer Egan

Yet another book that I got via Net Galley and one that hasn’t been released yet! Jennifer Egan does a PHENOMENAL JOB of proving out the ramifications of tech governing our lives. We learn about a company called Mandala. Their product Own Your Unconscious — that externalizing of memory that can then be uploaded to the Collective Unconscious has taken over the world. We learn about the different people who are affected by the product from the anthropologist whose idea led to the product, to the company’s founder. I definitely found this book challenging because I am not very good at retaining a timeline in my head. However the ideas and questions posed by this book (via the characters) are definitely worth thinking about specially if you live your life via tech (which everyone does). I haven’t read any of her other work but I am intrigued by it now!

I have a LOT of travel coming up in the months of April, May and June so expect me to back on my reading sh*t! See you soon!


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