8 months on TikTok


Before I recap the lessons I have learnt so far, let’s take a look at my stats so far!

DateFollowersLikesNumber of videos
August 30, 2021872
September 11, 202113939
October 8, 20212422728
October 30, 20214328436
April 24, 20221731123155


  • I have one video (which is a shopping haul) that is my shortest video and also is fashion content (I tagged a brand in this video).
  • The same video was also my most popular video to date with over 2700 views and39 likes.

Follower demographis

  • 55.9% female and 44.1% male
  • 73% of my viewers are in the US
  • I had my first drop in followers between March 19-21.

Lessons learnt

  • Mention brands instead of tagging them when possible.
  • My shopping content has done the best so far! It mentioned a brand and had the tags #shopping #haul #brandname
  • My book content does the best! It does even better than my PM content (which is more of a niche).
  • Short content performs much better than long content – my average view time is no longer than 6 seconds

Things to try

  • Ask myself the following questions:
    • Does having a niche increase my engagement chances?
    • Are certain verticals better than others?
    • What is more meaningful when looking to make TikTok a side hustle? Views? Shares? Likes? Follower count?
  • Try a voiceover even during my food and travel montages.
  • Try dabbling in more haul and shopping content

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