Montreal: an itinerary

Voulez vous visitez Montreal avec moi? (Will you visit Montreal with me?)

I really enjoyed visiting Montreal for the weekend, so here is my itinerary and I hope you enjoy!

*Note: Things I researched but didn’t end up doing are denoted with a `` (asterisk)**


  • Renaissance Montreal – The Renaisssance is centrally located right next to a train stop and the Central Station. The staff were incredibly kind and gracious and the pancakes for breakfast were divine! I would stay at the hotel again 100%.


  • Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
  • Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal)
    • Shopping at Le Walk in
  • Old Port (Vieux-Port)
  • Mont Royal (see view) 
  • Oratoire Saint-Joseph*
  • Square Saint-Louis
  • Shopping on Rue Saint Denis
    • My favourite place for homeware was Structube

Food and Drinks

  • Grab a Montreal bagel* (in hindsight we should have had tried to get a bagel! I am a bad New Yorkah!)
    • Fairmount Bagel
    • Saint-Viateur Bagel
  • Grab coffee:
    • Cafe Olympico – try the Nutella horns and cornettos – they are generous with the Nutella!
    • Crew Collective and Cafe – a great place to take meetings and read a book. This cafe is located inside a heritage building that was once a bank! 😮
  • Poutine:
    • La Banquise*
    • Chez Claudette – get the small portion of poutine as the portion sizes are HUGE
    • Paul Patates*
    • Pataterie Chex Philipe*
  • Restaurants:
    • Ma Poule Mouillee*
    • Arthurs for brunch*
    • Gibeau Orange Julep*
    • Mr. Azteca*
    • Satay Brothers – don’t get the snow crab bao! Get the Laksa!

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