Books I read in May 2022

May has been a full month of travel and I have as a result caught up on some reading. Am I still behind? Yes. But that’s ok. So here is a HAUL of books that I have read in May 2022!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!! Enough said! I can’t wait to see this retelling of a Hollywood starlet and her life come to the silver screen. I want this to be a mini series that shows Evelyn and Celia through the years and I want to see the different actresses who play these protagonists through the years! Please please let this not be a movie adaptation!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

This is my favourite book from this year – HANDS DOWN! I also started reading it the day it came out with my cousin and it was a sweet experience reading a book and discussing it simultaneously and hearing someone else react to a book you love.

It’s Emily Henry’s best enemy to lovers book yet! I want to reread this book repeatedly and love every character completely! You can’t help but root for Nora and Gus from day one. And won’t say much about the book other than hubba hubba! Though I have a bone to pick with Libby the sister for sure! She doesn’t have empathy for Nora’s position at all and just sees her own view of the world. As an elder sibling this annoys me!

Everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton

Everything I know about love is a sweet funny novel by Dolly Alderton and shows how she grows up learning about both romantic and platonic love. It’s a story of triumphal female friendships and captures the awkward stages we all go through in our friendship as we navigate balancing them and our hunt for true love. It’s a sweet book that everyone should take on a beach holiday.

The Corona Crash by Grace Blakeley

I randomly came across this short book in a bookstore in London and I had remembered committing more about the impact of COVID on economies and this book met that brief! As an economics novice it did a great job of highlighting the economic policies that countries have put in place to prevent a recession due to COVID, it also makes a very clear argument for why those measures are misguided and only uphold current power structures. It then makes a strong case for renewed investment in people nd not power structures to rejuvenate economies and recommends we do it via Green New Deal and similar investments as it future proofs us against climate change related recessions as well.

Are You Enjoying by Mira Sethi

This is the debut collection of short stories by Mira Sethi and shows a variety of protagonists who are struggling with a turning moment in their life, it could be falling in love with someone forbidden or having to grow up very quickly or hide your sexuality. It depicts the reality of growing up in modern Pakistan and trying to make an identity for oneself while fighting the pressures of society. I think it’s a great read for Pakistanis!


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