1 year on Tiktok

August 30, 2022 marks my one year anniversary on Tiktok so let’s do a retrospective!


Before I recap the lessons I have learnt so far, let’s take a look at my stats so far!

DateFollowersLikesNumber of videos
August 30, 2021872
September 11, 202113939
October 8, 20212422728
October 30, 20214328436
April 24, 20221731123155
August 20, 20222362185 (600 bought) = 1585229
TikTok profile Statistics


  • Most recently my wedding invite video has done the best with 1435 views and 82 likes.
  • I have 7 videos with more than 1000 organic views.
  • I have 6 videos where I bought 1000 views and 100 likes each.

Follower demographics

  • 58.2% female and 41.8% male (My following has started skewing more female)
  • 78% of my viewers are in the US.

PR haul

I am now consistently getting Advanced copies from Riverhead Books to review online. I have also been engaging with the account my commenting on their posts and mentioning them in my posts as well.

Lessons learnt

  • My shopping content has done the best so far! It mentioned a brand and had the tags #shopping #haul #brandname
  • Smaller brands engage with your content when you mention or tag them in your content.
  • My book content is not doing well more recently this is specially true if I am doing the voice over.
  • Very few people watch my full videos still!

Things to try

  • Ask myself the following questions:
    • Does having a niche increase my engagement chances?
    • Are certain verticals better than others?
    • I have accumulated 236 followers in a year. That is <1 follower per day. How do I go from this to gaining 5 followers a day? 10 followers a day?
  • Try a voiceover even during my food and travel montages.
  • Try dabbling in more haul and shopping content
  • Can I get on more brands’ PR list?
    • Make a media packet
    • Which brands do I want to work with in my first year? Reach out to those brands.
    • Reach out to PR agencies.

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