My journey with Notion

I really caught on to Notion due to their Tiktok game! I haven’t looked back since I moved over my daily todo list. I have slowly been migrating over my life organization tracking from multiple Google Docs to a personal Notion and this blog explores my early thoughts.

My current setup

I currently have the following parts of my life sorted out in Notion:

  • My weekly agenda
  • My content calendar

Pros and cons


  • The ability to easily create databases and long form prose and have them coexist. Whereas in Google Drive land, you can either have a Spreadsheet or a Doc with a table, you can’t have both!
  • How ever piece of text can be turned into it’s own article allowing you to freely explore and express your thoughts.
  • The ability to brainstorm – so now it’s Google Drive meets Pinterest.
  • Premade templates!!!
  • The ability to visualize a table in many ways.
  • Smaller features:
    • The color palette
    • Being able to convert one block into another.


  • My main con with Notion is its mobile editing experience, but that isn’t the biggest blocker as I mainly do life admin on the laptop. However here are some small niggles:
    • The buttons aren’t self explanatory – so I am usually button smashing on my phone to get the ideal experience
    • Not being able to move blocks easily on the mobile app.

Looking forward

I am still early on in my Notion journey, but here are a few things I am looking forward to doing:

  • Moving over more tasks over to Notion (packing list, templates, etc)
  • Figuring out how to migrate shared documents to Notion – such as travel and house planning
  • Making my own templates such as my packing list and travel itineraries, etc.
  • Being inspired by the Notion community and using other’s templates
  • My site is currently bare bones and functional, I am looking forward to making it more aesthetically pleasing 🙂

While Notion has been great, there are things I will not move over to Notion:

  • My recipe book – I find that the index-ability of Google Doc suits me fine here – specially since I have that Doc available offline.
  • My wedding planning – because it’s too close to the wedding to redo that 😛
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