All my luxury fashion purchases

As someone who considers herself a High Earners, Not Rich Yet (HENRY), I have recently started dipping my toes into luxury purchases. This post documents all of those purchases and what I am think of them. The list serves more as a way for me to catalog visually what I have spent a great deal of money on. In another post I will capture my reasoning around purchasing luxury fashion pieces.


Gucci Princetown leather backless loafers

My first luxury purchase ever! 🙂 I got it on my first trip in London, and it will always be special to me. It’s super comfortable all the way into Autumn!

Jimmy Choo Bing heels

These were my wedding shoes for my civil ceremony, so they will always hold a special in my heart! I don’t have my wedding pictures in yet, so here is a picture of me trying them on, when I got them!

Stuart Weitzman boots

These boots have been a workhorse in my collection since 2018! They come out every winter without fail!

Altuzarra bow tie heels

I got these shoes for a relative’s birthday but they didn’t arrive in time. However, I can’t wait to wear them soon!

Hermes Oran sandals

I only own black shoes, so I definitely need to add to my nude, beige shoes collection! So when I saw the Orans I know I wanted them in a non black color! The London store I visited had them in white, and I have enjoyed wearing them in summer!


Chanel medium classic flap bag

This bag was top on my wishlist since I was in high school. I eventually got it for myself as my 30th birthday gift.

Celine Sangle Bucket bag

I got this second hand and it has immediately become a workhorse in my collection as a bag I can dump everything in and run out the door!


Hermes twilly

Yes, in case it wasn’t obvious, I am playing the Hermes game! But I love styling my hair with this Twilly to add a pop of color to my neutral outfits!

Hermes scarf

I am living my best Upper East Side 80 year old woman dreams with my Hermes scarf collection! I love the pop of color this orange scarf adds to my outfits. And the fact that it matches my orange dress here is just stuff of dreams!

Chanel Brooch

My first vintage purchase! I am looking forward to styling this beautiful brooch with my coats!


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