Dinner party ideas

As you saw from my last post, I love throwing dinner parties and leveraging Canva to make menus, invites, and other stationery. As I look forward to 2023, here are some dinner party ideas that I am looking forward to hosting!

  • Brunch all day long! Think pancakes, bagels, all the toppings and spreads! Easy to make in the morning and reheat for a no fuss dinner party!
  • Make your own food party! Pre-make some pizza dough or burger patties and some plain cookies. Mise en place some toppings and gather the cookie decoration supplies. Then let your guests go crazy! This might be a bit tough with one oven and multiple pizzas at the same time, though! Hmmmm. Some food ideas here could be:
    • Pizza
    • Burgers
    • Tacos
    • Cookies
    • Cupcakes
  • A comfort food pot luck! While I hate the idea of pot lucks due to a lack of cohesion, I feel like you can force some cohesion via a good coordination spreadsheet and a theme. Definitely one I want to try.
  • A picnic! I love picnics, everyone gets a sandwich, a cookie, a banana and a drink. And everyone has fun! I would love to recreate a oicnic in my backyard or by the beach once I move to California!

I hope to create these dinner parties in 2023- hey maybe one dinner party a quarter in 2023! 🙂

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