Jersey City: an itinerary

As a newly minted Jersey resident (a Jersey gal if you will), I am now writing the ultimate guide to Jersey City (ha!) More than anything, this is to catalog my husband and my favourites around the city, so that we can revisit them again or share them with friends when they visit!


Food and Drinks

  • Pizza or Sourdough bread at Razza
  • Coffee, hot chocolate or a sausage pie at Bourke Street Bakery – the outpost of my favourite Aussie bakery from Sydney.
  • Aussie brunch at Frankie
  • Indian food:

Places I want to visit

  • Food
  • Sites
  • Places I want to find:
    • A great Halwa puri place
    • A place that serves good Sindhi Chicken biryani
    • A great chaat place
    • A local bookstore with charm
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