30 lessons from a (now) 31 year old

I just finished my first year as 30-something. So in true Naina fashion here are some (read 30) lessons I learnt last year!

  1. Oat milk isn’t great for you. Drink soy milk instead – it has more protein.
  2. Traveling will ruin your body.
  3. Spend the money on making your travel a bit more comfortable, pick your own seat for e.g.
  4. I am a home body who loves her friends.
  5. I genuinely love with the ritual of cooking my friends a lovely meal.
  6. I am STILL not not an audio books person.
  7. I can learn to salt things properly. Winner.
  8. There is no such thing as one size fits all in life.
  9. Being a remote employee might be more tiring than being an in person employee if you don’t create focused routines and boundaries.
  10. Asking people questions and really listening to the answers is the only way to learn about someone.
  11. Healthy habits are HARD to create! And even HARDER to maintain.
  12. Therapy is as much of a human necessity as is air.
  13. You can and should ask for help from your community.
  14. There is nothing quite like being supported by your loved ones.
  15. Do things that make you happy and don’t care about society.
  16. You can make more meaningful deeper connections with family after a long time.
  17. Haven’t replied to a message in a month and paralyzed? Don’t worry just reply to it now. It won’t be embarrassing.
  18. Show up for people and don’t expect anything in return.
  19. Friendships are like plants, some need to be watered every day and others once a week. Learn the difference.
  20. Meet new people, it will pay off. Promise.
  21. I am insecure of other Capricorns, this is something I need to work at.
  22. You will grow every yer whether or not you like it. You can either embrace the process or be steamrolled by it.
  23. Living with another human being is hard.
  24. As an external processor who now lives with someone I have to be considerate of the emotional toll that processing can take on someone.
  25. I need to let go of my perfectionism or “way” of how I want my space. to be. It’s not “my” space it’s “our” space.
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