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  • 8 months on TikTok

    Statistics Before I recap the lessons I have learnt so far, let’s take a look at my stats so far! Date Followers Likes Number of videos August 30, 2021 8 7 2 September 11, 2021 13 93 9 October 8, 2021 24 227 28 October 30, 2021 43 284 36 April 24, 2022 173 1123 […]

  • Books I read in April 2022

    Welcome to Spring! And I have fully sprung back into reading books again! I have been on a book reading spree! And here are the books I have read in 2022! The Emma Project by Sonali Dev After reading Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma I just continued reading more brown romances. And you’ve got […]

  • Books I read in March 2022

    I have been INCREDIBLY delinquent in my reading in the month of March. I have only finished books that I started a while ago and had been slowly making my way through. So here goes nothing! The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright I have nothing to say other […]

  • Books I read in February 2022

    Happy end of the month of love! You know what that means – hatred! I joke! However it has been a slow month on the reading front for me as I have been traveling. So here is my review of the books I finished this month! Both of these are non fiction. Blink: The Power […]

  • Reading goals in 2022

    2022, a new year, a new year must read book list! Lol, ummm so here’s the deal. I currently have around 20 or so books on my book shelf that I have bought over the years but that I haven’t read. This is a travesty, since when I did become a person who uses books […]

  • Books I read in January 2022

    Happy New Year reading friends! The new year has been a bit weird on the reading axis. I have picked up 5 new books and have been reading bits and pieces of each and have only finished 2. So here I am going to talk about the 2 books I have picked up. Before I […]

  • A letter to my forty year old self

    Dear Naina, Hi! I would explain why I am writing to you but you are future Naina so you must know. But just in case you are too busy enjoying yourself on our FORTIETH(!!) birthday let me tell you. This is a letter describing what I wish for our future, all my hopes and dreams. […]

  • Letter to my 20 year old self

    Dear Naina, Let me introduce myself! I am you from the future. A nearly 30 year old you and I want to have a chat. My sweet sweet Naina, it’s 2012 and you are a bit unmoored, I get it. You are at a university that you think is beneath you and you have a […]

  • 30 lessons I want to take into my 30th year old

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! The most important day of the year is a day or so away! My birthday! I am turning 30 soon so here are 30 things I want to be mindful of going into this new year! It’s important to know when to let go of your plans. It’s ok to do nothing […]

  • Books I read in December 2021

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Lots of travel and last minute work in 2021 basically means that I didn’t read much in December but here are books I read or listened to! I am working on my reading goals for 2022 but here are the last books I read this year! The Hating Game by Sally Thorne […]