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  • My journey with Notion

    I really caught on to Notion due to their Tiktok game! I haven’t looked back since I moved over my daily todo list. I have slowly been migrating over my life organization tracking from multiple Google Docs to a personal Notion and this blog explores my early thoughts. My current setup I currently have the […]

  • Bags I have my eyes on

    As someone who is on a weight loss journey, I find it hard to invest in clothes. I instead choose to invest in quality shoes and bags. As I am relatively early on in my luxury bag and shoe journey, here is a list of bags I have my eyes on! These bags are not […]

  • My meal prep planner

    Originally published: May 16, 2020 It should come as no shock to anyone that I have chosen to use this time in quarantine to organize my life! Edit: Now that I am a remote employee this is even more important! As someone who only had to worry about feeding herself on weekends, being responsible to […]

  • My thoughts on BeReal and Shuffle

    In today’s age where 36,000 new apps are released on the Apple App Store monthly it is inevitable that some of these apps will become popular. The age of social media makes it even more likely for an app to become viral! Two new apps that have everyone’s attention are BeReal and Shuffle. Here are […]

  • Books I read in August 2022

    Startup of You by Reid Hoffman I wish I had read Startup of You when I was starting my work career. As it stands I am definitely adding it to my list of books to gift new grads! I want to create a workbook that goes along with the book that I can keep on […]

  • Sustainability practices in CA vs NJ

    As someone who has recently moved across states from California to New Jersey, the sustainability practices specially as a renter were definitely an adjustment. So to make this easy on folks moving to California or New Jersey here is some quick information on the various sustainability practices in the two states. Practice California New Jersey […]

  • Books I read in July 2022

    July was really trying to show off. I read 4 books in July due to being on vacation and then getting COVID 😛 My Body by Emily Ratajkowski If you think about beautiful women, Emily Ratajkowski is definitely a name that comes to mind. However, we don’t think of her as a feminist activist or […]

  • Books I read in June 2022

    If May was chaotic, June basically told May to hold its drink. I did manage to squeeze in two books between getting married(!) and moving cities! Incense and Sensibility by Sonali Dev This book is the first in Sonali Dev’s series around the Raje family. I had read the Emma Project without knowing that and […]

  • Books I read in May 2022

    May has been a full month of travel and I have as a result caught up on some reading. Am I still behind? Yes. But that’s ok. So here is a HAUL of books that I have read in May 2022! The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid I WANT TO WATCH […]

  • 8 months on TikTok

    Statistics Before I recap the lessons I have learnt so far, let’s take a look at my stats so far! Date Followers Likes Number of videos August 30, 2021 8 7 2 September 11, 2021 13 93 9 October 8, 2021 24 227 28 October 30, 2021 43 284 36 April 24, 2022 173 1123 […]