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  • Letter to my 20 year old self

    Dear Naina, Let me introduce myself! I am you from the future. A nearly 30 year old you and I want to have a chat. My sweet sweet Naina, it’s 2012 and you are a bit unmoored, I get it. You are at a university that you think is beneath you and you have a […]

  • 30 lessons I want to take into my 30th year old

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! The most important day of the year is a day or so away! My birthday! I am turning 30 soon so here are 30 things I want to be mindful of going into this new year! It’s important to know when to let go of your plans. It’s ok to do nothing […]

  • Missing

    I miss …I miss a lot … I miss the chances I didn’t take,I miss the memories of the chances I did take. I miss the person I was, I miss the person I will become. I miss the food I have devoured in the past, I miss the food I will curtail in the […]

  • 29 things I am leaving behind in my 29th year

    It is about to be a decade of starting my age with a `2`. As I leave that part of my life behind, here are 29 other things that I am leaving behind in my 29th year. Health Getting less than 8 hours of sleep a night. Eating junk food because I am stressed or […]

  • 35 things to do before I am 35

    At one point I had a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30. COVID made it very apparent that I would be nowhere near finishing those things, so here are instead 35(!) things I want to do before I turn 35! Career Deliver a presentation to more than 200 people (Done: Google […]

  • What I thought turning 30 would look like

    It’s happening. In less than one month I will turn 30. No longer will I write my age by starting with a 2. Those days are behind me. As a result I have been reflecting on where I thought I would be when I turned 30. As the years have passed my impression of what […]

  • An ode to fan fiction

    There is one constant in life: the book/show/movie you enjoy will come to an end. Scratch that. If you are Naina there are two constants in life. The book/show/movie you enjoy will come to an end and you will have questions about the characters lives after the book/show/movie has ended. I can make up stories […]

  • Why I read

    Bespectacled and tiny, Playing sports made me whiny, Growing up I was a runt, However, regarding my love for libraries I was blunt, I was an introvert with few friends, My love for books my parents couldn’t comprehend. I first read the adventures of the Famous Five, I joined them on their boat and as […]

  • A letter to my neighbours

    Introduction Since I moved from San Francisco to Mountain View, I have been able to hear my neighbours (to the left, right, and upstairs) a lot more easily! I blame shoddy construction materials and being home 24/7 due to a global pandemic. Being conflict averse, I have only confronted my neighbours on one occasion. So […]

  • Sixth love language

    Gary Chapman has written a book titled, “The Five Love Languages”. He uses this book to talk about the five ways in which we express love: Acts of service Quality time Physical touch Words of affirmation Gifts The book discusses how to understand how you choose to receive and give love and how one should […]