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  • Sindhi Kadhi

    Sindhi Kadhi warms my soul like no other dish can. Every time I go home to Karachi, I always ask my mother to make this dish. Sindhi Kadhi is sour because of the tamarid and you can put any and all vegetables in there. My favourite are obviously the peas and carrots! Enjoy this family […]

  • Diwali dinner

    Invitation and menu I created the invitation on Canva by using a preexisting free template. The invitation and the menu have the same layout so here is the menu: Recipes Here are the recipes I used: Lessons learnt I am looking forward to hosting more dinner parties (even if they are brunch themed) and will […]

  • 35 things to do before I am 35

    At one point I had a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30. COVID made it very apparent that I would be nowhere near finishing those things, so here are instead 35(!) things I want to do before I turn 35! Career Deliver a presentation to more than 200 people (Done: Google […]

  • Piloncillo chocolate chip cookies

    I found some piloncillo (raw sugar) while in Mexico City and I wanted to see if I could use it to make GREAT chocolate chip cookies. And I succeeded. Top tip: use a food processor to grate piloncillo, otherwise you will be using grating the piloncillo for a LONG WHILE. Ingredients 2 sticks unsalted butter […]

  • My baking goals

    My friends know that I love baking. Creating baked goods is a form of therapy and sharing them is an act of love. However, my friends would also tell you that I am not a perfect baker. Have I accidentally undercooked baked goods? Yes. Have I had to completely scrap and throw away entire projects […]

  • My creative pursuits

    Over the past 2 years (let’s just say since COVID started) I have been pursuing more “creative hobbies”. I started this blog, a podcast and am now posting on TikTok. Yes that’s a lot of things to be doing in my spare time. This is in addition to the other things I do such as […]

  • Renewing my vows to sustainability

    In 2020 I set some sustainability goals that I wanted to practice in 2020. Roughly a year later, I audited those goals to see how I was doing. tl;dr – not very well. So here is my renewed committmemt to some sustainability goals for 2021 and 2022. Food consumption Continue eating a vegetarian diet, unless […]

  • Project Cookie Claus

    Note: You can find images from the execution of Project Cookie Claus here.  This is the year I partook in the tradition of the Holiday cookie swap! Since I couldn’t be with family or friends this year, I took to utilizing the postal service to tell my loved ones that I … well loved them. […]

  • Project Cookie Claus – a diary of images

    This blog is a follow up from this blog about how I planned Project Cookie Claus and sent 9 sets of friends packages full of cookies and cakes! The photo diary The initial planning stages  The holiday cards I sent out Chocolate chip shortbread cookies Gingerbread people  Matcha flavoured pocky  Lemon pistachio loaf  Pumpkin bread

  • Chocolate malt cake – Nandos Pakistan Chocolate cake

    What is it? My love for Nandos knows no bounds. Remember my attempt at recreating the Nandos chicken burgers at home? Well I have been at hard at work for the past 2 years trying to recreate the Nandos Pakistan chocolate malt cake at home. This is the result of those 2 years worth of […]