Category: Organization

  • Diwali dinner

    Invitation and menu I created the invitation on Canva by using a preexisting free template. The invitation and the menu have the same layout so here is the menu: Recipes Here are the recipes I used: Lessons learnt I am looking forward to hosting more dinner parties (even if they are brunch themed) and will […]

  • My journey with Notion

    I really caught on to Notion due to their Tiktok game! I haven’t looked back since I moved over my daily todo list. I have slowly been migrating over my life organization tracking from multiple Google Docs to a personal Notion and this blog explores my early thoughts. My current setup I currently have the […]

  • My meal prep planner

    Originally published: May 16, 2020 It should come as no shock to anyone that I have chosen to use this time in quarantine to organize my life! Edit: Now that I am a remote employee this is even more important! As someone who only had to worry about feeding herself on weekends, being responsible to […]

  • Become a wedding officiant

    As my partner and I plan our wedding, we obviously had to plan the official part of the wedding. The actually getting married bit! We have ended up asking a friend to officiate our wedding because it’s a) cheaper and b) a more fun story! Since we are still in the process of officiant registration […]

  • 35 things to do before I am 35

    At one point I had a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30. COVID made it very apparent that I would be nowhere near finishing those things, so here are instead 35(!) things I want to do before I turn 35! Career Deliver a presentation to more than 200 people (Done: Google […]

  • My overused packing template

    I have been using the same packing template for three years and countless trips (international and domestic). The list doesn’t prevent me from overpacking – it might in fact encourage it! It also doesn’t prevent me from forgetting things at the hotel as I check out. It does however help me with the following: Be […]

  • Renewing my vows to sustainability

    In 2020 I set some sustainability goals that I wanted to practice in 2020. Roughly a year later, I audited those goals to see how I was doing. tl;dr – not very well. So here is my renewed committmemt to some sustainability goals for 2021 and 2022. Food consumption Continue eating a vegetarian diet, unless […]

  • Sustainability goals audit

    In 2020 I set some sustainability goals that I wanted to practice in 2020. Well it’s roughly a year later so let’s audit those goals and see how I am faring (probably not well!) This is also a chance for me o adjust course and set new goals if needed. Food consumption Continue eating a […]

  • What I am looking for in my house

    I am nothing if not an eager planner. Which means I am  Goals A dedicated office and workout space. A guest bedroom. A backyard that is easy to take care of. Lots of storage. Requirements House Should have a lot of natural light No carpeting in any of the rooms, An outdoor space such as […]

  • Moving into a storage unit

    In case you didn’t know I spent 3 glorious months in Washington D.C at a friend’s but that meant that my stuff had to find a new more compact home in the interim a.k.a a storage unit. So here are all the considerations that went into finding a storage unit. Things to ask yourself when […]