Sustainability goals audit

In 2020 I set some sustainability goals that I wanted to practice in 2020. Well it’s roughly a year later so let’s audit those goals and see how I am faring (probably not well!) This is also a chance for me o adjust course and set new goals if needed. Food consumption Continue eating a… Continue reading Sustainability goals audit

My moving checklist

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This list is being updated after yet another move. It has now been roughly 4 months since I moved into my current place and I still vividly remember being stressed out the entire time. I was worried that I had forgotten something. That I wouldn’t have internet when I moved or that my… Continue reading My moving checklist

My workout regimen template

I am going to say something that will probably jinx me forever. I have lost weight in shelter in place. I have been snacking less and drinking less carbonated soda. But most importantly I have been working out. I started doing Barry’s online and then added some yoga into my schedule. However, I have now… Continue reading My workout regimen template